Dispatches from the road

Dispatches from the road by Bill Poindexter “And into the forest I go, to lose my mind an find my soul.” John Muir I’m always grateful for a patch of dirt to sleep on the quietness of the forest  sound of the rain beating on my tent  the owls announcing their nighttime superiority  a choir of frogs telling us despite of pollution in the waters that they’re alive and well  A drifting hum of humanity off in the distance Highway of life  and this morning with the last of my water a simple cup of coffee. Namaste More to come find me on Facebook there is a link on the web version of this blog site and if you’re interested in supporting my journey I want to buy me a cup of coffee and a sandwich you can find me on Facebook, Venmo, PayPal or just contact me directly and I will steer you in the right direction. Thanks for being a part of my journey! Bill Poindexter

New adventures

 New adventures: So rolling south east from Kansas City, Missouri to the Ozarks then will turn east and connect with the Trans America Trail and follow it to Yorktown, Virginia (with a few side adventures). Then plan to roll north using multiple routes which parallel Revolutionary Routes from the American Revolution to Newport, RI and then catch a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts where I will be working on a farm and dairy as a field hand and cheese maker for the summer. At least that’s the basic plan. I won’t be posting too much but will periodically and will share some videos.  But I will be writing about this entire endeavor and interweaving the cycling expedition and farm experience with history and sharing my thoughts on the present, past and future and maybe offering some solutions on how humanity can get along and treat the planet well so we will survive. And I will tell stories along the way as well that won’t be so ‘deep’ but still interesting. You can find the videos

Class schedule week of May 3

 Yin Yoga schedule  Tuesday 530 at Loose  Wednesday 9 a at HJs community center 64th Wornall Rd Wednesday 530 at Loose  Thursday 530 at Loose  Friday 9a at HJ’s community center  Friday 530 at Loose  Saturday 5p at Loose  Sunday 4p at Loose  Loose Park location: we meet just southeast of tennis courts (53rd & summit). Look for my bike leaning against a tree! Weather info: If rain I will let you know of I am teaching or if I change location. For instance if rain and class is scheduled for Loose we may move it to HJs at 64th and Wornall Road.  As always please let me know of you will be at class. $10pp I will work on a better website:)Always feel free to reach out with questions 913-220-1213 Namaste 🙏 Recent article from Yogapedia regard our classes: "I continued to take Bill’s yin yoga en plein air classes, amazed by the synergistic effect of doing yoga in nature. After all, this was how the ancient yogis did it, I thought to myself in wonderment as a blanket of calm washed ov

Classes 2021

 Thanks 🙏 for stopping by!  Please go to the Facebook page for dates and times for classes this is just a quick brochure site to get a feel for my style:) As of April 2021 the majority of the classes are done outside at various times. I generally send out a text or email to a select group of people and let them know where I’m teaching an alternate way offering classes at various locations as well in peoples yards various parks around the city I’m open to teaching almost anywhere as long as it’s outside. I will be teaching one class inside starting this Wednesday but only if the weather dictates. Otherwise the majority of classes are outside. So go to the Facebook page. Connect with me. Even feel free to send me a text and tell me you’d like to join in.   Questions? Text me at 913-220-1213. We’re sent me an email at I look forward to hearing from you. And if this is your first yoga experience doing yin yoga I would like you to encourage you to look it up

Nature Yoga with Bill Poindexter

Nature Yoga with Bill Poindexter Please go to our Facebook page for current class dates and times! Please let me know if you plan to attend! Thank you! (913)220-1213 Loose Park location in Kansas City:  We meet at tennis courts and walked to a patch of grass and practice! Let me know if you would like to attend or host a outside location. We do have alternate locations as well: 1. Outside classroom Bryant School at 57th Wornall. 2. Lawn in front of Aixios at 55th and Brookside Blvd. 3. The Nelson or Volker Park 4. Lawn of HJ's Community Center at 64th and Wornall RD And people host classes with family or friends on their lawns! If you have ideas let us know! Interested in a class? If so contact Bill first! Donation based biz: suggested $10-20 or pay what you want! You can donate using Venmo or pay cash. Private classes are $65. Contact Bill at (913)220-1213 What is Nature Yoga and Yin Yoga ? "I promise, whether

Class schedule April 1-5

YinYogaKC Schedule April 2020 April 1 12p, 2p and 530p Yin at Loose Park 52nd and Wornall Rd Meet at Tennis Courts and will walk to a secluded area. Please let me know if you are going to attend. April 2  8am- Loose Park 12n at Loose Park April 3rd TBA April 4th  12p, 4p and 530 Yin Classes April 5th -TBA Outdoor classes will grow as the weather gets warmer. I am open if a group of people want to get together and let me know, or I will send out a notice on FB page for additional classes. Note: please txt or email me to let me know you can make the class, if I do not hear from you I will assume you will NOT be there :) (913)220-1213 or Outside classes will be set up so  students are socially distanced 10 feet apart and angled based on the wind so your breathe will be blown into the wind.  Best I can do. :) Feel free to wear a mask. Also, I am very open to doing private se

yoga today and tomorrow

Howdy! Teaching classes today and tomorrow at Loose Park! Meet at tennis courts, will walk to patch of dirt and do Yin. After will have a chat session and if you come to the 530 class feel free to bring a beverage and some food for yourself for after for a in promptu picnic. Classes at 4p and 530p We will be responsibly spaced and down wind so not to breathe on each other. Classes are very small. Pay what you can. I accept cash or you can pay on venmo app. just use my phone #. Also right now this is my only source of income so if interested in paying for future classes, or taking private classes, or other classes let me know, would appreciate the help! Lastly if times our tough for you, come as my guest for as long as you need to. YOU are important and special and I appreciate you sharing your energy! Peace and love! Bill (913) 220-1213 What people are saying: "Bill, I come to your class, my hip hurts or back, I leave happy and pain free."AF